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Exclusive to Face Beauty Company our signature facials embody the philosophy of creating bespoke procedures by combining advanced techniques and active products to achieve the best results possible.

Starting with a skin consultation we individually develop a program that is tailored to each client’s needs using non invasive but very advanced skin treatments and products to achieve healthy looking skin.

The technologies we use are:

  • CACI micro current which achieves instantly visible results on sagging muscles and skin, increases the production of collagen and tightens the contours of the face.
  • Environ DF machine which uses active forms of vitamins A & C and peptides delivered to the lower layers of skin using soundwaves and pulses. This improves the appearance of lines, sun-damage, problem skin, uneven skintone and dryness.
  • Gentle peels which achieve fantastic results without damaging the skin. Stimulates growth factors within the skin. Also destroys bacteria,  boosts hydration, removes the build up of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and helps to tighten, decongest and smooth the skin.
  • Radio Frequency skin tightening which selectively heats skin tissue and this in turn causes collagen fibres to contract producing new collagen – designed to provide tighter looking skin. Good for fine wrinkles and loose skin.
  • High Frequency which helps kill bacteria and reduce inflammation, hence the acne-fighting benefits. This also increases circulation to stimulate collagen and reduce puffiness.

In most cases these are also available as individual treatments where appropriate (more information below) and we can discuss this when we meet.


The CEll Regen 5D Facial Sculpting machine benefits from non-invasive high-powered focused energy that penetrates evenly, heating the epidermis, dermis and SMAS layer of the skin.

A new era in non-invasive collagen regeneration that targets each layer to stimulate new collagen growth & contraction, along with fat cell reduction, which results in an overall impressive restructuring and firming effect, and optimal skin regeneration with long-term rejuvenation.
Cell Regen emits 250KHZ low frequency medium electromagnetic waves per second to generate magnetic resonance to the cells, causing each affected part to vibrate accordingly. It plays a unique role in cell massage and improves cell metabolism which enhances cell vitality, promotes blood circulation and improves overall tissue nutrition.

This new generation of radio frequency incorporates accurate interval heating depth focus, designed in Germany to increase skin elasticity and create new collagen whilst strengthen existing. The overall facial sculpting effect leaves the skin firmer with a reduction in wrinkles.

This intelligent recognition system prevents damage to the skin as it heats from a distance, adapting the heat in three different layers, with reduced heat in the epidermis preventing surface burns and offering the client a personalised approach by adapting to each person’s skin density.

The RF energy is selectively applied to the middle layer of the dermis to promote dermal reconstruction and increased skin density. The energy penetrates layer by layer so that the skin can recognise and adapt to repair and regenerate.

The superficial heating targets fine lines, wrinkles and skin laxity. The deep heating of the skin is mainly focused on lifting and firming, whilst the energy applied to the SMAS layer will regenerate deep facial tissue and improve the overall tension of the skin.

The results from CEll Regen last longer due to its ability to perform a safe but intensive treatment, and with precision.

Working on different layers and depths: 1.5mm / 2.5mm / 4.0mm.

●Expression lines & wrinkles around the eyes
●Double chin
●Undesirable facial shape / contour
●Fine lines, expression lines
●Deep wrinkles: face, neck & chest
●Skin laxity face, neck & chest

A course of 6-8 is required once every 2 weeks, then a treatment every 4-6 weeks

45-60 minutes
Price: £70
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Bespoke Facial

Our bespoke Anti Ageing Facials concentrate on your particular areas of concern and any potential problems. As such we always start with a free skin consultation. Once we have a clearer picture of what you want to achieve we can give you some options to suit.

We typically start with a gentle exfoliation or a very gentle peel. These prepare the skin for the technologies and products we have selected for your specific treatment. To finish we use a calming algae mask, applied over serums containing vitamins and peptides, personalised for your skin. Clips are attached to the mask through which gentle sound waves will run through, enabling deep penetration of the serums. Once the mask has been removed a suitable face cream will be applied.

1 hour minimum
Price: From £68
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CACI Non-Surgical Facelift

CACI uses micro-current to lift, tone and re-educate the facial muscles. It tightens the contours of your face and increases the production of collagen, helping to smooth and tighten the skin.

For the best results a course of 10-14 is required twice a week, then every four to six weeks as maintenance.

Pay upfront and save

Pay upfront for a course of ten treatments and one will be free. Pay upfront for a course of fourteen treatments and two will be free.

50 minutes
Price: £58
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CACI Facial – Course of 10

50 minutes per treatment
Price: £522
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Deep Clean Facial

Developed here at Face Beauty, this involves a gentle peel to exfoliate the skin using gentle sound waves to increase the effectiveness of the cleanse.

Hot towels, extraction of blackheads and high frequency to eliminate toxins and bacteria which causes acne

Finished with vitamin rich  serums applied underneath a calming mask that has gentle pulses running through it to enhance the penetration of the serums.

Your skin will be beautifully clean as well as completely revived.

1 hour
Price: £60
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Environ Active Vitamin Facial

The freshest, most active forms of Vitamin A, C and antioxidants are driven deep into the lower layers of the skin using state-of-the-art technology. This scientific approach stimulates collagen, softens lines and improves elasticity while increasing hydration and boosting radiance.

1 hour
Price: £68
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Environ Cool Peel Treatment

Ideal for clients with sun damage and/or problem skins such as acne, rosacea while at the same time providing skin rejuvenation for all skin types.

This innovative approach uses gentle levels of lactic acid which achieves measurable results while caring for the skin. Unlike the old peels, which stripped away the fragile layers of the epidermis, the Environ Cool peel helps achieve smoother, lighter, healthier skin. It also stimulates growth factors.

Best result are achieved if done weekly for 4 weeks.

Approximately 1 hour
Price: £60
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Treatment Duration Cost
Bespoke Facial 1 hour minimum From £68 Book
CACI Non-Surgical Facelift 50 minutes £58 Book
CACI Facial – Course of 10 50 minutes per treatment £522 Book
Deep Clean Facial 1 hour £60 Book
Environ Active Vitamin Facial 1 hour £68 Book
Environ Cool Peel Treatment Approximately 1 hour £60 Book
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