Electrolysis is a safe, effective, gradual and permanent method of removing unwanted hair. It is the only genuine permanent method of hair removal, and for that reason, a treatment in great demand. It is the only medically approved method (by The British Medical Association) to be permanent. It was first used in 1875 by ophthalmologist Dr Charles E Michel to treat ingrowing eyelashes.

A fine probe is inserted into the hair follicle, where a combination of heat and galvanic current is introduced and targeted at the root of the hair. The hair is then removed. As the hair grows back between treatments, it will become weaker and finer, and after repeated treatments, the hair will no longer be able to grow.

Hairs require repeated treatments as electrolysis works by weakening the hair and eventually destroying it.

Sterex disposable needles are used to totally eliminate any risk of cross infection. For every client a brand new probe is used and will be opened in front of you at the beginning of every treatment.
Inspection by local area health authority has been carried out to the premises, to check all hygiene procedures are in place. Certificate provided.

The Blend technique we use is the Gold Standard of Electrolysis.

Treatment Duration Cost
Electrolysis 15 minutes of treatment (30 minute appointment) £15
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